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Module 2

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CDS In An Hour is the Module 2 of 'App In A Day Online'. Microsoft Power Platform provides you the ability to build apps with a 'Now Code, Low Code' approach and it's the best way to start your journey on Power Platform. We realised people don’t have enough time and need workshops to be a bit flexible by providing them an option of 'Learn as you go' and that's why this might the best place for you to start.

Course Curriculum

Nick Powell


II've been looking for some courses that I can recommend to Powerapps beginners and your CAIAH course fits the bill. It provides easy to follow bite-sized chunks that can be done all in one or at your own pace. Would definitely help my clients get a feel for the product.

Anu Verma


It was absolutely perfect for beginners. I literally enjoyed the course, in spite of the fact that I knew the basics, some little points were helpful to understand and to brush up the knowledge.
This course will definitely help people to start a very basic canvas app. The best thing about this course is, it's so quick and very easy to understand the key points to start developing power apps. Looking forward to your next courses.

Dat Huynh

Senior Consultant

Just want to say that I really like your approach and Labs. It was easy to follow your steps and understand the logic.
I would recommend this to everyone who have some basic knowledge of what the Power Platform is and want to get some practical experience, to go through your course. 

  • Vandana S

CRM Specialist

I am just getting started with the PowerApps feature. I found your course very helpful and the demo of the development process was great. It helped me to understand how to go about the system and start my own practice of creating such apps.

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Richard Gower

Great intro to Common Data Service

Good introduction with some hands on guidance to viewing and creating a custom entity in the Microsoft Common Data Service. Once created, the CDS entity was tied into the app created in the first video in this series.

4 years ago
Vandana S

Great course for CDS starters!

The demo labs helped to understand the concepts very clearly.

4 years ago
Vivek Maheshwari

Great introduction to CDS

Easy and nicely explained course. Great demo work included.

4 years ago
Brijeshkumar Darji

Informative course for CDS starter

Excellent course for beginners.

4 years ago
Umesh Patle

Incredibly informative

Detailed explanations and excellent course for beginners. Its very clear and useful.

4 years ago
Sohail Khan

Amazing course for beginners

One of the best and easiest to understand courses out there. Not only it explains the basics, it also shows how to connect your Canvas App to your CDS environment which is a great continuation of your previous course.

4 years ago
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Prashant Shukla

Thank you for taking out the time to read my bio.

I am a Microsoft's MVP and most of my experience is in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Power Platform with almost 10 years of consulting and implementation experience.

Exploring social media now, to reach more people and contribute to the community. Here to share my ideas with the community. I try to avoid customisation and share solution which can be achieved via configuration. Yes I am about #thenocodeway and If you’re the same, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel.

As a Power Platform Consultant my professional experience comprises of handling MS Dynamics CRM 4.0, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and D365 CE, Power Apps, PVA and Power Automate.
Most of my work experience is in Business Analysis and Consulting around Microsoft Dynamics CRM (D365 CE) but have also worked in other domains. I am certified by Microsoft as a MCSE Business Applications.

As part of my projects, I have worked in following industries:

• Manufacturing & Distribution
• Financial Services (Banking, Insurance & Superannuation)
• Pharma
• Healthcare
• Building & Construction (Landscaping)
• Software Sales
• Point of Sale Applications
• Hospitality
• Business Supplies & Equipment
• Shipping/Port Authorities (Federal Government)
• State Government

Proven success in working closely with the Technical Team and Sales/BD Team and help in closing deals.

Tools I Use

  • D365 CE
  • Power Apps
    • Canvas Apps
    • Model Driven Apps
  • Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)
  • Power Apps Portals
  • Power Virtual Agents
  • AI Builder
  • QNA Maker

Willing to learn new tools & technology and keep expanding my skill set.

YouTube Channel: DIY D365

Let's keep learning.